• round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games;
    • "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"
    • "the mayor threw out the first ball"
    • "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
  • a solid projectile that is shot by a musket;
    • "they had to carry a ramrod as well as powder and ball"
  • an object with a spherical shape;
    • "a ball of fire"
  • the people assembled at a lavish formal dance;
    • "the ball was already emptying out before the fire alarm sounded"
  • one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens;
    • "she kicked him in the balls and got away"
  • a spherical object used as a plaything;
    • "he played with his rubber ball in the bathtub"
  • United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989)
  • a compact mass;
    • "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder"
  • a lavish dance requiring formal attire
  • a more or less rounded anatomical body or mass;
    • "the ball at the base of the thumb"
    • "he stood on the balls of his feet"
  • the game of baseball
  • a pitch that is not in the strike zone;
    • "he threw nine straight balls before the manager yanked him"
  • form into a ball by winding or rolling;
    • "ball wool"
  • BALL v -ED, -ING, -S to form into a ball (a spherical object)

Scrabble Score: 6

ball is a valid Scrabble (US) TWL word

ball is a valid Scrabble Word in Merriam-Webster MW Dictionary

ball is a valid Scrabble Word in International Collins CSW Dictionary

Words With Friends Score: 9

ball is a valid Words With Friends word