• a bundle of flowers
  • a compliment; praise
  • a pleasant, distinctive aroma


So you have your eyes on a special lady. First, you must impress her. You contemplate buying a solitary rose, but you know that a bouquet will seem much more sincere. The word bouquet itself is elegant in its French articulation; Originating in Old French, bouquet refers to a bundle, usually of flowers—a warm gesture. And so, you decide on a dozen roses and ask her to the movies. Naturally, she says yes.

Now, you're at her apartment door, picking her up for the chick flick she wanted to see. You didn't bring a gift, but when she opens the door, you can't help but shower her in another form of bouquet: compliments. She grabs your hand and pecks your cheek.

After the movie, you decide to finish the night off with some wine, enjoying the characteristic bouquet as you take a sip, your nose skimming the edge of the glass. As the bouquet wafts in the air, she inhales the sweet scent and smiles, leaning in for a kiss.

Bouquet can be used in various ways, usually exposing a romantic or lovely sensation. A warm gesture, such as a bundle of flowers or a few compliments, is a prime example of the positive connotation attached to bouquet. The alluring scent of coffee brewing in the morning, the smell of oatmeal cookies in the oven, and the tasteful zest of perfume are all instances of bouquet as well.

Example: Danny bought Gina a bouquet of twelve roses for her birthday.

Example: He shouted loving bouquets about her beauty from below her window.

Example: The strong, sweet bouquet of coffee woke a caffeine-deprived Alyssa.


In Old French in the early 1700s, bosquet meant "bunch," such as a bosc, or bundle, of wood. Half a dozen roses later, in 1716, bouquet blossomed in the English language, presented by Lady Mary Montague from the French interpretation of bouquet, "little wood."

In Literature

From Emile Zola's The Dream:

"She had taken the bouquet of violets and breathed the perfume to cool her feverishness."

Here, Zala uses bouquet to identify the character's bundle of violets, which emitted a sweet aroma.


  • Buy her a bouquet for Valentine's Day!


Flowers, Aroma, Praise

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