• the state of nonexistence
  • an empty area or space;
    • "the huge desert voids"
  • declare invalid;
    • "void a plea"
  • clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place or receptacle) of something;
    • "The chemist voided the glass bottle"
    • "The concert hall was voided of the audience"
  • take away the legal force of or render ineffective;
  • excrete or discharge from the body
  • lacking any legal or binding force;
    • "null and void"
  • containing nothing;
    • "the earth was without form, and void"
  • VOID v -ED, -ING, -S to make void (of no legal force or effect) VOIDABLE adj

Scrabble Score: 8

void is a valid Scrabble (US) TWL word

void is a valid Scrabble Word in Merriam-Webster MW Dictionary

void is a valid Scrabble Word in International Collins CSW Dictionary

Words With Friends Score: 9

void is a valid Words With Friends word