• (baseball) a successful stroke in an athletic contest (especially in baseball);
    • "he came all the way around on Williams' hit"
  • the act of contacting one thing with another;
    • "repeated hitting raised a large bruise"
    • "after three misses she finally got a hit"
  • a conspicuous success;
    • "that song was his first hit and marked the beginning of his career"
  • (physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together;
  • a dose of a narcotic drug
  • a murder carried out by an underworld syndicate;
    • "it has all the earmarks of a Mafia hit"
  • a connection made via the internet to another website;
    • "WordNet gets many hits from users worldwide"
  • cause to move by striking;
    • "hit a ball"
  • hit against; come into sudden contact with;
    • "The car hit a tree"
  • deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument;
    • "He hit her hard in the face"
  • reach a destination, either real or abstract;
    • "We hit Detroit by noon"
    • "I have to hit the MAC machine before the weekend starts"
  • affect or afflict suddenly, usually adversely;
    • "We were hit by really bad weather"
  • hit with a missile from a weapon
  • encounter by chance;
  • gain points in a game;
    • "He hit a home run"
    • "He hit .300 in the past season"
  • cause to experience suddenly;
    • "An interesting idea hit her"
  • make a strategic, offensive, assault against an enemy, opponent, or a target;
  • kill intentionally and with premeditation;
  • drive something violently into a location;
    • "he hit his fist on the table"
  • reach a point in time, or a certain state or level;
    • "The thermometer hit 100 degrees"
  • produce by manipulating keys or strings of musical instruments, also metaphorically;
  • consume to excess;
    • "hit the bottle"
  • hit the intended target or goal
  • pay unsolicited and usually unwanted sexual attention to;
    • "He tries to hit on women in bars"
  • HIT v HIT, HITTING, HITS to strike forcibly

Scrabble Score: 6

hit is a valid Scrabble (US) TWL word

hit is a valid Scrabble Word in Merriam-Webster MW Dictionary

hit is a valid Scrabble Word in International Collins CSW Dictionary

Words With Friends Score: 5

hit is a valid Words With Friends word